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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are postponing our October 2020 Forum until 2021. We hope you, your family and colleagues stay safe and healthy during these challenging times.

View our official announcement here.

At that time, 3BL Forum will continue to bring corporate leaders together on a fast-paced main stage, keenly focused on the ‘why’ and ‘how’ as business elects to lead on environmental, social and governance issues.

Our main stage will feature legacy companies, sustainable businesses, NGOs and leading agencies. This 2-day conversation will be curated to bring forth new perspectives, nuances in thinking, candid insights, and revelations above and beyond the ordinary. 

Interested in amplifying your thought leadership in 2021? Explore opportunities here.

 Content Themes  

3BL Forum will explore these themes and more:

  – Best-in-class corporate leadership during COVID-19
  – Who’s willing to tell their truth about failure?
  – Bold leadership is required to get off the sidelines.
  – Leadership comes in many forms. 
  – Are you ready when employees elect to lead?
  – As government steps back, business elects to lead.
  – Why internal silos don't work in a world of sustainability.
  – Spotlight on the 'S' – social and cultural issues shift the corporate conversation

 Latest Forum News and Highlights   

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